I have some friends with some pretty amazing blogs too ALL about different topics. So if you’re not too much for music maybe one of them has the right content for you!

  1. Starry Eyed Imperfection. This blog is run by my fashion and tech savvy friend Sara. If you want to succeed in the workplace, at school or at life in general this is the place for you.
  2. Leveled News. This blog is run by my childhood friend Matt who provides incredible and critical thoughts about the latest in world news, politics and more.
  3. My One Big Planet. This blog is run by the adventurous and informative Valerie. If you’re into travel whether it be solo, group, local or far away this colourful site is great for those interested in visiting the world!
  4. Mouse House. This blog is run by my incredibly sweet friend Courtney. She is an English student but she blogs about many other things such as discovering yourself, crafts, movies and comics!

The following are recording studios, photographers, record labels and videographers that I have worked with that I recommend for your various music needs!

  1. Hive Studios. I partnered with Hive Studios to run a songwriting contest 2015-2016. A great studio who understands music and works with you to find a recording package that works. Contact Michael and Eric for more information.
  2. Bradlee Dylan. I worked with Bradlee recording my interview at Hive Studios. He recorded and edited the interview. He is also a Youtuber who posts some hilarious videos. Check him out!

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