Constantly Changing- Incase We Crash

If you forgot Incase We Crash (which you better not have but just in case) here is a brief introduction: Incase We Crash is an emo/pop-punk band from Toronto Ontario. Incase We Crash was founded in 2015 and members are: Simon Austin, Prasanth Xavier (Guitar), Antony Lena (Bass) and Tyler Twigger (Drums). 

Now, i’m here today to talk about Incase We Crash’s newest EP, Constantly Changing! The EP was released in August 2017 on BandCamp and the group has had some release shows this week promoting their new (and awesome album). The first track on the album is titled Straight to the Head. This one is also my favourite. The lyrics talk about how this special someone is a prominent thought in the writer’s mind. The writer is aware things were once destructive but they’re hopeful for the future. I think this is a common occurrence that happens at least once in everyone’s life. When you put so much effort into something that is important to you, you have hope that when things are hard it can get better. The next track on the EP is titled, Lets Start. This song really really reminds me of The Story So Far (which is an incredibly talented group). In this track in particular you can hear passion in the vocals. Different from the first track, this one is talking about how this person is not getting what they deserve from their partner. The writer wants to start over with them to show them how much they deserve. It’s a feel good song in the sense that you feel there are people out there that want to show you that you matter. The third song on the album is titled Carry On. I’m a fan of the bass riff in the beginning which threw me back to Flyleaf’s “I’m So Sick”. This song mentions the album’s name sake “Constantly Changing”. It mentions how the writer is changing and how there is one more chance to do what is right. This could mean in a relationship, with your life, and especially with yourself.

“I’ve been trying to see the brighter side of every situation.I guess we’re all vacant, I guess we’re constantly changing”

Track four is titled You’re My Water. The writer discusses the back and forth and the waiting for things to work out. It seems as though the writer puts in lots of effort that is not exactly being reciprocated. The last song Bump This is more upbeat than the rest of the tracks. It also refers to the album title. The song talks about internal struggles of seeing the positive and not letting people take advantage of you, no matter how bad you want them. The writer discusses the pressure weighing on them which they will ultimately break free from. When the writer mentions that we are all vacant and constantly changing, it seems as though he is saying that we can always start over new no matter our past mistakes.

Overall this album is a must listen as the emo/pop-punk genre needs some fresh new music! Incase We Crash is a group of seasoned artists that have a promising future. With stellar lyrics, pop-punk vibes and passionate vocals…whats not to love? Check out the album at the link here. 

I Hate Men (I Hate All Men) – Talk Show Host

Meet Toronto indie-punk trio Talk Show Host who has recently released a new five-song EP, Not Here To Make Friends which you can access here. Talk Show Host consists of Sean (Drums, Vocals), Chris (Vocals, Guitar and Fab (Bass and according to their Facebook profile, baking!). This album was engineered by John Dinsmore (PUP, The Strumbellas) while the tracks were recorded at Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto, and Olive t’Servrancx-Bierman (Skip the Use’s Matt Bastard) of Electrik Box Studio mixed them in France. This is the third EP from Talk Show Host.

While the whole album is upbeat and masterfully written, i’d recommend checking out I Hate Men (I Hate All Men). Considering this is a large topic in today’s society- its an interesting listen! It’s also extremely catchy and even if you don’t “hate all men” you’ll be chanting the chorus around your house (10/10 can guarantee). The whole pop-punk vibe the album has is refreshing and is worth the listen! Don’t forget to show this band some love by liking their social media links.

I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)


*PHOTO BY: Harley Haskett


Dandy Dan- Scratch Nasty

So i’ve got some awesome music videos for you to check out today by the talented group Scratch Nasty who are currently located in Toronto, Ontario. They’re a 3 piece indie rock group consisting of Aaron Andrews, Matt Hinojosa and Zach Marsh. I’ve been trying to write a feature on them for far too long, and now the moment is here (which is great timing because they have some  music videos out). In April, they released “When All This Is Gone” a very bluesy track that features some incredible scenery in the video it kind of reminds me of Peterborough and the Kawarthas! Their newest video hot off the press is titled “Dandy Dan“. The video features a conglomeration of skies, water, concerts, and people to get you watching and a cool advertising technique to get you thinking! The track is upbeat and is a mix of ska, punk and rock if I were to try and name some genres. Side note: where do these guys film their videos!? These are awesome location choices…I need to leave the house more. The video seems to showcase all the different types of people that make up our world. It shows how diverse we are in terms of hobbies, interests and lifestyles and really encourages us to live life to the fullest. Both tracks are from their album Danger which can be accessed here.


Dandy Dan

*ALBUM DESIGN: David Brock


Field Day- Winchester

In March, Winchester released a new song titled “Field Day” (click here to hear the song). Just a refresher, they’re a pop-rock group from Toronto, Ontario (and they’re the group with the incredible cover art). Compared to their other material which I have reviewed before, this song is definitely more pop and upbeat. I’m a large fan of Winchester, especially Lauren’s clear vocal sound and the versatility of the group in terms of genre. In this track there is an electronic sound, a build up with some guitar and the prevailing power of pop- what more could you ask for? The song sounds makes me want to roll my windows down and go on a fun adventure with my friends.  This catchy song is a must listen so check it out and head over to their Facebook and give them a like!

American Sin- Luxe

Late to the party…can’t believe I let my inbox mis-sort this one. I’ve always been a supporter of Luxe from way back to the start of my blog. So i’m here to keep you in the loop about his stellar tracks. This one, American Sin (click here to hear the track) was released 2 months ago and touches on the way we can lose ourself to society.

“Up late blowing smoke.It tarnished my soul. Its like life’s talking over me. I miss the sober me”

He mentions different substances and the common experience many people may have and how these once extravagant experience become mundane and dangerous. The beat is heavy and dark which is a perfect match for lyrics that have the same power. Luxe is a great songwriter which is often rare in the field of rap and hiphop so it is very refreshing and honest. The song is very reflective on areas of life that are often over looked as we constantly focus on looking “perfect” when even the most perfect people have a dark side too.


*PHOTO: Alex Lam



Step Up- Ruthless Ones

Ready for a fun filled music video? Check out “Step Up” By: Ruthless Ones. Ruthless Ones are a four piece group straight from Toronto, Ontario. I wrote about them a while back in 2015 when they were featured as Artist of the Week. Just a refresher, Ruthless ones is for lovers of ska, garage rock, rockabilly and hip-hop! If you’re so inclined, after you fall in love with their new track, to see them live- here are their upcoming shows: March 31st – Toronto (Linsmore Tavern) w/ Piffbreak Arcade & April 15th – Toronto (Cherry Colas) / Rockapalooza 3 (53rd & 3rd Promotions)

Step Up was released February 10th and was filmed on a rooftop in Toronto! The video is filled with the guys goofing off, some skateboarding, dancing, occasional rebellious acts, awesome hoodies and #cutecurtis of course. Have a look at the fun upbeat track that makes you want grab all your friends and hit up Toronto for the day! Enjoy the video and enjoy the view.

Afterlove @ Stonewalls

February 3rd I had the pleasure of attending Afterlove’s show in Hamilton, Ontario at Stonewalls Restaurant. It was an awesome show filled with high energy bands. I did not have time to take pictures as I was having a great time hearing live music (I know…what kind of blogger am I).

When I first got to Stonewalls, I was really surprised. I’ve been to numerous venues in Hamilton including the Absinthe and Casbah and while Stonewalls still had a bar like atmosphere, it was very visually appealing.

There were booths off to the sides, tables down the middle and a stage in the center.

Run Maggie Run

The first band to perform was Run Maggie Run. They are a four piece alternative rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. Band members are: Gavin Rees (lead vocals/guitar),  Peter Keillor (keys/percussion), Dylan Drung  (lead guitar) and
Darren Mcmenemy  (bass/vocals). This group started out pretty chill sounding but their melodies became more upbeat over time. They had great harmonies and VERY powerful vocals that gave for a very solid overall sound. I was trying almost the whole time to place who this group sounded like and I came up with the following list: Half Moon Run, Young The Giant, The Zolas, and Soundgarden until I realized that they reminded me of one of my favourite bands…The Bad Suns! Of course, not entirely the same but just a similar vibe.


The next band to perform was 7T8 a five piece hard rock band from Cambridge, Ontario. Now, this may sound a bit familiar to some of you because I have written about 7T8 before a long time ago! Writing about them and seeing them live are two completely different experiences! After just one song I realized…I really need ear plugs and this group needs a larger venue (not in a bad way of course). I must have forgotten what listening to rock and roll was like! 7T8’s sound is so full and the group is extremely energetic on stage.  You can tell that they have worked hard to find their unique sound and that they’re long time musicians. They also blew my mind with a stellar cover of The Who’s Baba O’Riley.


Now for the headlining act! I had planned to see Afterlove when they performed at a Humber function at Linx Lounge, but could not make it. Lucky for me, they had a show not too far after and way closer to my house. Afterlove is a band formed in Mississauga, Ontario and also has five members: Phil Irvine (lead vocalist), James Jarosil (lead guitar, backup vocalist), Adam Jeyco (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backup vocalist), Simon Innes (bass) and Chris Savage (drums). Fun fact for all you Arkells fans out there, Afterlove had a guest performance by Tim Oxford on one of their tracks!  In addition, Afterlove has been played on 94.9 The Rock FM and were one of the finalists in Indie Week 2015. Their first full length album is to be released this year! If you’re wondering what kind of music Afterlove is i’d probably say pop/rock/dance. They have a very unique and intricate style that I was unable to compare to anything i’d ever heard (and as a musician I do it often). Phil was very high energy and knew just how to engage the audience (by incorporating Hit The Road Jack with one of their own tracks). The music was fun, upbeat and a must see. You could tell that the band is passionate about their music through the power put into their performance. If you want to check out their music before you see them live (which I highly recommend you do) check out these off of their Behave Yourself EP : 1) In You & 2) Feeling Good. Stay tuned for my Artist of the Week feature on Afterlove! 






Last Day of the Year- Winchester

Meet Lauren Austin and Montgomery de Luna, the duo the comprises WinchesterWinchester is a cinematic indie pop/rock group from Toronto, Ontario. This group is not just a band but much much more. You only begin to notice it with their funky cover art. Winchester uses their background in photography, art, architecture, design and more to carefully craft an image that is intricate and undoubtably unique. If you are a fan of M83 or CHVRCHES (like myself), you will definitely love this duo.  Currently they are at work on their upcoming EP “If Time is Not Linear Why Can’t I Forget The Past?”. From that EP they have just released their second single “I’m Not Ready To Go Yet” which you can listen to on their site here.

“You took my hands and then said goodbye
But we’re not gonna make it out this time”

 The following review is done for their first release from their EP “Last Day of the Year” released on October 11th, 2016. I fell in love with the song from the moment I heard the electronic spacey synth vibe and Lauren’s crystal clear demanding vocals. The song seems to be touching on feelings we all feel in our lives. We try to fix things, maybe our relationships or our dreams and sometimes we are not successful. It talks about the back and forth of holding on and letting go. In the end though sometimes deciding to let go is what is best for us. What really draws me into the song is the build up in power and the combination of genres. At first you hear guitar and vocals, then by the end, the song is powered by pop and electronic sounds that are like twinkling stars (if those had a sound). Please head on over to their band camp (links are the track titles in this article), like them on Facebook, and follow them on all of their other social media outlets! They are sure to blow you away.


Sagittarius EP- !Ndi G

Have you heard of !Ndi G? After you hear his tracks, you’ll wish you had heard him earlier. I found !Ndi G on Instagram and immediately had a listen to his new EP titled “Sagittarius“. I was blown away by the catchy beats and smooth vocals. His songs have a style similar to The Weeknd, Jeremih and Chance the Rapper so if you like them you’re bound to like him.

Now a bit about !Ndi G: he’s a musician and producer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is also currently the co-founder of Daydream Beats Entertainment Records. His EP is four tracks: Water, Ricochet, Can’t Help Myself and Take Over the World (ft. Exitium). Water is my personal favourite- not sure if this is because I heard it first, or if its been stuck in my head since I heard it, but I liked the overall vibe. Check out the EP on SoundCloud and please share and like his page on Facebook.

Also if you’re craving more music already, he releases an ep bi-annually (Sagittarius EP is the most recent-released on December 15th). So stay tuned for more releases in the future!

Ride On- Stonefeather

My review this week is on Stonefeather‘s new music video for their song “Ride On”. Stonefeather is a rock band from Los Angeles, California. They formed in 2008 and have been creating and releasing incredible music since then! You are able to access their music via iTunes and Soundcloud. There, you are able to have a listen to all of their tracks including the album Motion of the Ocean.

Check it out below:

Now back to the main attraction. Ride On begins with a lady on a motorcycle driving down the highway and some heavy guitar riffs. It continues to show some hilly scenery followed by the band performing in a desert like construction area. The day seems to be pretty hot but not too hot for some head banging and a gorilla mask (if you don’t know what I mean you should probably watch the video). The vibe I get from the song is a combo of Hendrix, Zeppelin and The Black Keys (interesting combo I know). Overall, this video is a stellar find and it gives me the classic rock feels.