Constantly Changing- Incase We Crash

If you forgot Incase We Crash (which you better not have but just in case) here is a brief introduction: Incase We Crash is an emo/pop-punk band from Toronto Ontario. Incase We Crash was founded in 2015 and members are: Simon Austin, Prasanth Xavier (Guitar), Antony Lena (Bass) and Tyler Twigger (Drums). 

Now, i’m here today to talk about Incase We Crash’s newest EP, Constantly Changing! The EP was released in August 2017 on BandCamp and the group has had some release shows this week promoting their new (and awesome album). The first track on the album is titled Straight to the Head. This one is also my favourite. The lyrics talk about how this special someone is a prominent thought in the writer’s mind. The writer is aware things were once destructive but they’re hopeful for the future. I think this is a common occurrence that happens at least once in everyone’s life. When you put so much effort into something that is important to you, you have hope that when things are hard it can get better. The next track on the EP is titled, Lets Start. This song really really reminds me of The Story So Far (which is an incredibly talented group). In this track in particular you can hear passion in the vocals. Different from the first track, this one is talking about how this person is not getting what they deserve from their partner. The writer wants to start over with them to show them how much they deserve. It’s a feel good song in the sense that you feel there are people out there that want to show you that you matter. The third song on the album is titled Carry On. I’m a fan of the bass riff in the beginning which threw me back to Flyleaf’s “I’m So Sick”. This song mentions the album’s name sake “Constantly Changing”. It mentions how the writer is changing and how there is one more chance to do what is right. This could mean in a relationship, with your life, and especially with yourself.

“I’ve been trying to see the brighter side of every situation.I guess we’re all vacant, I guess we’re constantly changing”

Track four is titled You’re My Water. The writer discusses the back and forth and the waiting for things to work out. It seems as though the writer puts in lots of effort that is not exactly being reciprocated. The last song Bump This is more upbeat than the rest of the tracks. It also refers to the album title. The song talks about internal struggles of seeing the positive and not letting people take advantage of you, no matter how bad you want them. The writer discusses the pressure weighing on them which they will ultimately break free from. When the writer mentions that we are all vacant and constantly changing, it seems as though he is saying that we can always start over new no matter our past mistakes.

Overall this album is a must listen as the emo/pop-punk genre needs some fresh new music! Incase We Crash is a group of seasoned artists that have a promising future. With stellar lyrics, pop-punk vibes and passionate vocals…whats not to love? Check out the album at the link here. 

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